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5 1/2″ Pink PPF Fusion Turbo Pro – Blade Only


5 1/2″ Pink PPF Fusion Turbo Pro – Blade Only


The Pink Fusion Turbo is available in 3”, 5” & 8” versions that are pre-molded to size. The Turbo Pro, an injected molded tool infused with three slip agents that help the tool slide across surfaces easier. The main slip agent is the “migratory” agent that positions its self at the surface of the tool to lubricate the working part. The handles are also unique to the industry due to being specifically engineered with tighter tolerances and wider prongs that create a tighter fit on the Pro Turbo body which ensures the handle doesn’t slip off during use. The Pink Turbo (77 durometer) super soft, recommended for paint protection films and cleaning.


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