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A-1 10 Piece Ratchet Handle Set


A-1 10 Piece Ratchet Handle Set


A-1 Ratcheting Handle Set. 10 Pieces

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A-1 Ratcheting Handle Paintless Dent Removal Tools for professional dent technicians.  Life just got easier with this 10 piece set! Contains the following 10 tools:

38T33K-RCT, 38H26A-RCT, 516H22A-RCT, 516Z24A-RCT, 516J18A-RCT, 14J17A-RCT, 316H8A-RCT, 316J10A-RCT, 316M10A-RCT, and the 316HJ9A-RCT.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 38 in


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