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Keco Robo Lifter


Keco Robo Lifter


The New and Improved Robo Lifter Glue Tab Puller-360° ball-and-socket technology allows alignment of the padded feet to any complex contours of the work area. New lightweight body and ergonomic handle. Lays flat for easy, compact storage.

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Keco Robo Lifter Product Features Only lifter with Foot pads mounted with free swiveling ball design to allow lifter to be used on complex contours of car; Traditional “vertical” oriented grip; “Wide stance” base permits access to work dents while tab is under pressure. Lifts dents on multiple surface planes. Quick Overview This is a re-design on the standard mini lifter. 1) The feet swivel 360° to allow you to align the feet to the braces of the working area. 2) The handle is positioned to align your hand in a traditional position. 3) Easy turn knob on top for adjusting height of adapter to tab height.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 in


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